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What is the Philippines Today?

what is the philippines today?. we are proud to be a filipino, proud of our culture ,of our talents and skills, proud of our democracy, we have so many services to offer the world in terms of man power, intellect and skills however with all these talents, have we ever stopped and think what has happened to our country? of what has it become? of what our fore fathers fought to attain? what have we been doing for these past few years?, all the rallies, the EDSA Gathering from marcos regime to DOS and TRES? did we really made a change, aside from overthrowing our leaders? have we learned from our long history of tyranny and opression? have we ever considered these thought it through and tried to realized the answers? we have been colonized a few times and have almost stripped us of our own identity as a nation yet our fore fathers have fought to save our traditions to defend our lands from conquerors, yet now we descriminate our own past and origins that a few claims to be halfbloods even if they’re not and only a few accepts the fact that they have a native blood running through thier veins and most neglect to recognize their origins.

today we offer a variety of services to other countries yet we neglect to offer service to our own people. we can see schools being built yet it can only accomodate a few and only a handful of teachers. we have little health benefits and only a few doctors and clinics, we produce fresh graduates yet almost 70% of all graduates cant land a job if they do it will mean scrubbing somebody elses toilet as a domestic helper”(as one blog would say). we concentrated more on what is outside the country of what oppurtunities it gives us instead of our own country, that is drowning in its own debt. we say that we are proud of our nationality yet we look for oppurtunities abroad and belittle what our country can give us. we are proud of our talents and intelect yet we can’t even cleverly end a hostage drama without blodshed or answer a simple question of “what is the biggest mistake you’ve done?”. we say we have skills yet we have a knack of being late for work.

there are many who want to lead, to make a change even our fore fathers fought and died to attain their ideal peace make the philippines a country for filipino’s not just an extension colony of another country,they fought to make a difference, yet we the people neglect to follow and embody thier ideals and just pull each others legs down, whats worse is that when everything gets Bad we always point our fingers to the leaders like children trying to throw blame when the fault really lies with the people, people who fail to follow simple Laws, people who only cares about personal gain, people who turns a blind eye to justice, because it is the people who embodies a Nation not the leader.

we are proud of our democracy but what are we doing to maintain it? when we are always influenced by popularity, by bribe of money to keep our silence. what to we do of our freedom? is it just hanging out somewhere drink coffee, enjoy a game of basketball and play online games elsewhere, when the nation is on a crisis or have been hit with a major calamity and needs volounteers. do we just sit idly and wait for others to get into action? we need to wake up and make a move for our nation is sick and we need to heal it, its sickness is not the government nor the leaders and officials who governs it but the people itself. there are people who are trying to help our nation Stand up the people who try to make a change to make the country better but there are only a few of them , and those many people who weighs the nation down.

we have a lot to boast in terms of our natural resources our well known hospitality, exotic beauties and our diverse culture however if we the people keep on looking outside our own borders our country will not prosper, and all the hard work of the people who built this nation will all end to nothing. all the countries sorrounding us in Asia have already overtaken us from a thirdworld country to a level thats almost the same as the countries on the west and still rising while we remain the same.

so what has the philippines become today? is the filipino still worth dying for as ninoy addressed before he got shot?, when our own people are deserting the same nation who nurtured them? can we still be proud of our culture when we adore foriegn import and trades instead of our own goods? can we still be proud of our talents and skills when our Government and its people doesnt even recognize or commend these talents? can we still say we are competent after the blodshed of a hostage drama? can we still Correct our Biggest Mistake?. the Answer lies with its people.