its funny , its amusing, its confusing, and frustrating!. no matter how many times a man tries, no matter how much effort a man put into it , it would not matter for once the “master”  “the treasure” no “the world” he’s living in has spoken its already over , its fate is already sealed. once the countdown to doom has started only fate can make it stop.

the world that signifies a man’s pride, a treasure beyond compare is a woman whom his heart is shared.  her simple antics and fragility brings out her true beauty.

poetry aside, it is truly illogically amazing, how things happen so fast in just a span of a month, i could not even comprehend the speed of how things ended as it is, no matter how much i analyze things, imagine , formulate and even layout a plan of everything, it will be over once fate intervenes. little do these treasures know how much men put effort to save this little world he shared his heart with. even though its already clear that its the end.

and when everything is gone nothing left but to do the right thing.

accept things as it is, even if only an ounce of self esteem is left . to let this treasure go and let the waves take it wherever it may go. the right thing to do is not to ask why  , or how , nor ask when and who has this treasure, as this is the right thing to do, for reason unknown , for reasons only a few can understand, and for reasons of fate.

to forgive and to hope , is all that’s left.


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