Remnant of desperation

I was browsing through one of my emails and found this mail of mine , i  thought I may as well  share this

this was an email i sent desperately trying to explain my situation

I’m sorry about this … i wish i could talk to you more ,
i really missed you even now …

all i can do now is express everything in writing,
i cant even think straight when i’m like this ,


as the days passed , he missed her more and more , but he had no choice at the moment , he needs to lay low for a while to avoid suspicion of his mother, work days passed , he wanted to hug her every time she gets near, he misses her so much that he could almost break . he wanted to tell her so much but he cant, he’s even more afraid if she decided to call it off and break up. He didn’t do anything, or tell anyone ,he just keep evading,

when the time comes that hes ready to defy everything, even if it meant disobeying, He was already too late …………. too late to say anything ,
on all the time he’d spent evading he didn’t foresee the loneliness and worry he has given her , he neglected her for the fears he had hoped not to come true by evading it, but it turns out all his fears had came true …


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