when you love someone, there are times that we feel so helpless on one that all we can do is wait for the outcome, at the same time looking for ways on how to overcome the feeling of helplessness, you keep on thinking How and Why till you get tired of thinking, especially when you lose hope

you keep on asking these to your self

why you still appreciate

How you can get everything  back?

Can it still be saved?

Can it be more than this?

Is the Effort worth it?

What am i to Do,  can i still be special or just a person from the past?

you can think of all possibilities , Even Imagine Scenarios, fearing if it will be a victory and failure until it splits your head in two, though no matter how hard you try you cant still come up with an answer,  and in the end it will just hurt you,  it brings fear to your heart to the point  where you don’t know what to do.

helplessness is a crime as i know,and  at times when i doubt myself , i keep asking why do i keep pursuing , why do i keep chasing a dream which seems to be impossible obtain, only one answer comes to my mind and its


Hoping that one day all will better


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