moving on?

it been a while i havent been able to update this for a lot of reasons, and have been thinking

What is moving on? – I keep having this question in my head lately , and been wondering various things about this , the idea of moving on seems to scare me.

Have you ever felt so broken up that you could tell that its beyond repair, the panicky feeling where you want to just shout in agony and let despair hit you? If you do were on the same page , I know that same feeling, I have just been through that recently or more likely 5 months ago,


I guess i havent really moved on but atleast i can say that i’ve been able to handle this everyday


One response to “moving on?

  1. napadaan lang… aray… tinamaan yta ako dyan ah… moving on is really hard… parang feeling mo ok ka na tapos pag nakita mo yung pic niya… biglang bumabalik… i loved her… hayyzz…. cge…

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