today was the usual day where i got off to  work , i was late again this morning by 6 minutes on the clock , and logged in af ter  all went well, , today is also the 95th aniversary of our churches foundation the Iglesia ni Cristo in july 1914 , this afternoon we will be helding the biggest worldwide event organized by out foundation,  i was hoping to invite her and share this special day , i was hoping since last week that she’d come along, however she backed off at the this morning , she said she wont go ,  i’m still hoping that her mind would change later on , and i kept praying whenever i get the chance,  i just wish i could bring her to such an event ,although i know this is not the type of gathering she’d be interested but still i was hoping that she’d come i was planning on introducing her to a friend . but it seems disapointment has its own plans .

the shift we had this morning was okay we had a few fun moments, over songs that reminded us of our high school days , the day went well, however i had this heavy feeling on my chest,


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