have you experienced when you were a kid climbing up a tree and look down at the scene below gazing from a far , watching people pass by, and suddenly you saw someone you like then you decided to jump just to greet them, then as you jump you have this thought of happiness greeting that person , at the same you feel the thrill and excitement from jumping the wonderful feeling just like flying, where every inch of your body is screaming in joy from this wonderful felling, then suddenly you noticed that you made a mistake and fell to the ground, breaking every inch of your body , then you realized how tall the tree was , then you start to cry out of pain trying to muscle every strength you have to try and stand up again but you just cant, you just lay there hurt, then after a while when the pain has subsided a little and you have strength to stand up you try not to mind the pain , even if you know it hurts you still try to stand up.

the same thing applies when your falling to someone,  you feel hapiness at first, the thrill of loving however at the end it always hurts . then you try to come back up to recover , risking everything again because what matters is not the pain but the happiness that you want to achieve.


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